New Direction

To all my friends and family- I hope this letter finds you well!

As some of you may have noticed, recently I have taken a step back from posting and writing content. I have used this time to reflect on the direction of my professional path. I also used this time to dedicate more intentional efforts toward my husband and our marriage. All is well, and I am happy to be writing you once more.

 I would like to let you in on what new direction I have decided to move toward and what that means for the NannyBeth blog and more.

As many do, I found myself at a crossroads this past spring. I absolutely love what I do (and don’t plan on giving it up any time soon) however, there is a big reason why I had to begin thinking about changes.

My husband and I would like to start a family. I understand that many women choose to continue nannying even after they have had their children, but for me, I would like to stay home with them at least for the first year. The same amount of intentional time and efforts that I give to each of my little charges, I intend on giving that and more to my own. We are not there yet, but within the next couple of years we would like to grow our family. Exciting! This reality pushes me to think about stability and future professional plans.

Because of this, and the desire to further my credentials within Early Childhood Education, I have decided to go back to school. I have begun classes already and find myself enjoying the change! I am taking master level courses within Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Special Education. At the end of this accelerated program, I will be equipped to enter into the New Hampshire public school system as a lead teacher. As I expect of my little ones, I intend to keep learning, growing and pushing myself.

I am not done reaching and teaching as ‘NannyBeth’ by any means. I still have a strong passion for encouraging and equipping nannies and parents to train up their children in the way they should go! The capacity at which I will be writing and posting though, may change. I am now committed to clinicals within the school system, course work from multiple classes per term, as well as working the day job. This means that I will just have less time to dedicate right now.

I still intend on sharing and connecting with you, ladies! So, please, stick around! Thank you for your support and patience as I make these life changes.

Now, your turn…

Are there some changes that you are going through as well? Perhaps, you just started working for another family. Perhaps you are thinking of taking your nannying skills in another direction. Do you have a degree and have decided to pursue a different career path? Are you a mama and just found out your family will be growing very shortly here?

I would love to hear from you! Let me know what is going on in your world by commenting with your ‘New Direction’ down below and let’s connect!  





Let Your No be No and Your Yes be Yes

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been caught breaking a ‘promise’. Whether it was intentional or not.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been caught breaking a ‘promise’.

Whether it was intentional or not.

I promised to bring my oldest niece to her gymnastics practice, but I forgot. I promised to meet my mother at the gym so we could both whip our bums into shape, but I got busy at work and had to cancel. I promised that I wouldn’t get ‘mad’ when my husband brought up his opinion about my dinner dish last night, but I did (oops). So many times in my life I can recall not only my yes not meaning a thing, but even my PROMISES not holding significant weight.

I know what God has to say about this. He says that we need to be so trustworthy, so careful to speak and so filled with integrity that our only words on decisive matter should be ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. While doing devotions the other day in the book of James, I read in chapter 5 verse 12, “Above all my brothers and sisters, do not swear- not by heaven nor earth or by anything else. All you need to say is simply “Yes” or “No”. Otherwise you will be condemned.” Huh. Condemned? Really? Wow. God just basically whipped out a huge LISTEN TO ME sign and hit me with it.

I decided to reflect a bit…

How many times a day do I say “Yes” to something but not really take the time to think on whether I mean it or not…

I’m so bad at this! I’m a “Yes” queen! Anyone else out there like me?

I’m so afraid of hurting peoples feelings, that I am inclined to say yes before people even get their last word out. Its not the healthiest of habits. “Yes, of course, I will do the dishes.” “Yes, I will be able to pick you up tomorrow.” “Yes, I will come to your birthday party tomorrow night after working a 12 hour day and have to be up the next day at the crack of dawn to sing at church for 5 hours.”

I just. cant. stop.

I guess what this devotion did was, it made me pause and take note. I don’t think saying yes all the time, or even most the time, is a good thing. But likewise, if I am saying ‘No’ all the time, but don’t ever give anyone a reason to believe that I mean it, then I might as well not say it at all. In fact, I’d say not meaning what you say in either case is a bad thing. Turns out, God agrees. 😉 Funny how He knows whats best, even ahead of my own accordance.

So in order for anyone to take me seriously, I need to actually mean what I say. I shouldn’t have to swear, promise or repeat my yes’ 50 times for someone to believe me! Or, even worse still, make all my promises and STILL have no one believe me. When I’ve reached that level of ‘loose mouth’, there is a definite problem.

Loose Mouth: A symptom of the heart. A face muscle that’s not yet developed with self control and wisdom. It hasn’t been trained to keep shut when its needed, but instead blurts out any and all thoughts. This undisciplined muscle has been known to end relationships, damage careers and bring even the toughest people down to their knees.


Yes or No.

Such little words but they hold so much power.

Maybe it’s just me, but I really needed this reminder. My word (and words) should be worth something.

I know it’s not easy. We probably wont even reach the point where we do this all the time. But if we could reach the point of doing it…75% of the time? I know it’d be worth it.

I have worked with children for a very long time. Whether they are 14 years old or 4, I know for a fact that they need my ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ to mean something. It’s what they base their actions and decisions on. It’s what they look to for a green light or a red. It’s how I, as the adult and authority, keep my sanity within discipline!

If my word means something, suddenly so do I.

God is so good! He knows the best for me (and you) before I figure it out. Today, I pray for realization, for a sensitive nature and an awareness of where I lack wisdom and discernment, so that I may speak with certainty, “Yes” or “No”.

Let’s continue speaking with power and truth ladies! ❤

  Matthew 5:37

“All you need to say is simply, “Yes” or “No”. Anything beyond this comes from the evil one.”